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How to Convert PRN to PDF?

A PRN file is a file name for a printer file that is produced by a PostScript printer. This is a laser printer that can decode the document data you send and save them in a PRN file. You can do less with the PRN files, so it would be a smart decision to convert PRN files to PDF format. PDF is much more convenient to use and it can be read easily by Adobe. Converting PRN files to PDF is quite simple with just a few basic steps and requires very little time. Here goes the detail.

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Step 1: Print Files with PostScript Printer

Create a document in any program like Word processing or spreadsheet. Print the document with PostScript printer. Before the printing, go to "Properties" on the menu bar to change the settings as you like. After the settings, you can hit the Print button and then the PRN file will be created. Remember where you saved the created PRN file.

Step 2: Open Windows Explorer to Change PRN Extension Name

After you print out the PRN file, open Windows Explorer and browse the PRN files that you created in the first step. The file should be listed with both the file name and the extension of .prn. Right-click on the file and select "Rename". Change the PRN extension name to PS. Then, the file will be saved with the new extension name as ".ps".

Step 3: Convert PS File to PDF with Additional Tool

Now you have many options to turn PS PostScript file into a PDF file.

Option one: If you have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer, you can select "Create PDF" on the menu, find the PS file and convert it to PDF.

Option two: You can also enter the website of Adobe to convert the PS file for free for the initial conversion.

Option three: You are allowed to convert the PS file to PDF with the older Adobe Distiller standalone program, if you have. Just click the buttons like "File" > "Open" to import the PS file, give a name to the newly created file and then begin to convert.

User Tips: If you're a Mac user and want to convert other files to PDF, such as TXT and images (JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, etc.), you can have a try with PDF Creator for Mac, which can convert files to PDF quickly and efficiently, without having to invoke any other external applications.

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